Nyagoa Nyuon

Founder & Creative Director


​Fashion for me is a form of artistic expression, an extension of who we are. I find it very fulfilling to create designs that allow my clients to feel beautiful and confident.


In many of the Nilotic languages the word Bany means a person of importance, high status, a leader, chief or king. At House of Bany we believe that each of our clients are Bany and we work with them to bring out their best with our designs.


In South Sudan, I find inspiration all around me, blending traditional fashion with more contemporary designs. I believe that we as Africans should embrace and be proud of our identity and I think fashion can be an extension of this in how we present ourselves.


House of Bany collections have been showcased in various fashion shows in Kenya and South Sudan, most recently in events promoting peace in FAFA’s Fashion for Peace in Nairobi, Kenya and Festival for Fashion & Arts for Peace in Juba, South Sudan.


I love designing and at the same I am passionate about giving back to my country. I believe we all have a responsibility to contribute something positive to our communities and I will continue to look for ways that I can do that with House of Bany. That is why I co-founded The William Nyuon Bany Foundation, in the aim to combine my efforts, and give back.


Established in 2012, House of Bany is based in Juba, South Sudan.


Love. Peace. Blessings.