Catwalk To Freedom is a women led registered not for profit that is grounded on the vision of a society offering zero tolerance to child marriage, and all other forms of violence against women and girls. We are an innovative initiative that is breaking the silence on child marriage in South Sudan through fashion, concept narrative photography and film. At the core of our activities is a belief in empowering girls to own their future. We empower at risk girls, and survivors of child marriage by investing in them, and enabling the girls access education for them to become more aware of their rights as girls and children.



Photo Credit: Armstrong Too

Additionally, we champion for women’s rights through our anti - gender based violence campaigns. In all campaigns we are intentional on triggering communities to become active opposers to all forms of violence against women and girls. In this way, communities will have improved attitudes towards girl child and women’ s protection; and will actively participate to take ownership of girls and women centered initiatives for long term advancement of their rights.


Since inception, Catwalk To Freedom has maintained innovative girl and women empowerment approaches, and has been able to do so through a creative and diverse team; that has the capacity to come up with and actualize these approaches in our activism. To align with our innovation, and vision, we use fashion and art to mobilize people; and are continually taking advantage of our online presence to reach audiences that we lack physical contact with. We have a large base of followers on social media platforms, and are harnessing this to create social media campaigns that call to action all stakeholders to stand by women and girls in advancing their rights.

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